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Re: Ibanez Jen BFP tremolo instability?

Originally Posted by peromucho7 View Post

If bridge is leveled too much up, you need to give more string force or screw strings in.

If you move bridge in any direction by adjusting springs or moving bar string HAVE TO change pitch.

Since floyd rose types bridges are not synchronised it is NORMAL that 6th and 3rd string change pitch more then 4th and 1st.


it is faster if you bring it semitone or few more up, because when you bringing next string to tune , this string will go down, so you will bring all strings to tune faster. When you are close to pitch then make this uptunings smaller until you bring all strings in tune.
I red your post. And its tittle as well.
So, in short, when you adjust spring tension you need to retune.

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