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What if the bridge is set at the right angle? And my strings are still way flat? If I tune the strings up, the extra tension pulls my bridge way up. So now they may or not be in tune, but my bridge needs adjusted again. And lowering the bridge makes my strings go sharp.

I’m obviously doing something wrong. On my FR bridge on my schecter, I can block the Trem and remove every string Tovar’s clean the neck. Then when I put all the strings back on, it’s in tune or close to it, and my bridge is still level. As long as I’m not changing from standard tuning, or changing string gauges, it should be exactly the same right? Physics should dictate that al things are equal. The strings are the same gauge. The same tuning. The same bridge spring tension.

But every single time after changing the strings I need a tech to fix my action, bridge angle and tuning.
Sorry, I know I might be missing something simple. But I must be missing something. It doesn’t make sense that it would be different after changing strings.
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