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Re: Ibanez Jen BFP tremolo instability?

Firstly I’m going to ask everyone to chill out a bit. A lot of folks here have years and years of getting these sorts of guitars in tune, and sometimes we all get a bit overzealous when we’re we trying to help or be helped.

The full manual for the trem can be found on the Hoshino Gakki (Ibanez’s parent company) website here...

This should have all the little details of this precise bridge, which coupled with Rich’s guide should mean that even *I* can set up the trem.

It’s not about the physics so much as just getting in there, opening up the trem cavity panel, loosening the right screws and tightening the right screws. If your trem leans too far forward at pitch you need to screw the trem claw in a bit tighter, then return and repeat until it balances. It’s not rocket science, it’s just a pain in the ass.

Once you crack it, you will see how good the guitar can be. I urge you to stick with it and see just how good the JEM is.
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