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I definitely don’t mean to sound rude. My apologies for that. It’s been two years and I can’t grasp this issue. Of course it’s my fault. I’m missing something.

I’ve had Floyd Rose guitars for years. They’ve just always been the actual like name brand FR versions. This is the first Trem I’ve ever owned from a different maker. But I’m definitely fairly well versed in how they just at a loss for words I guess.

I always feel that I’m unable to explain my problem adequately. My bridge does sit level. I’ve adjusted the claw in the back as per the manual. I actually don’t even put the rear plate on the guitar because I have to adjust it so often.

But it does sit level. However when it’s level, perpendicular, the guitar isn’t tuned. So like I said, at that point I begin tuning. But the more you try to even put the pitches, the more your bridge gets pulled up. So it’s no longer level.

At that point, I need to adjust the claw again? Am I right in that assumption? Because it’s no longer level. And, so long as I keep trying to adjust the tuning, the bridge will only get higher and higher. Because I’m adding more string tension. Which works against my spring tension. In other words, it gets further and further from being perpendicular.

So at that point do I need to readjust my claw? To pull the bridge down level again? (I usually don’t actually adjust it to be perfectly level at this point, because then my strings will be sharp, so I’d have to tune down, which would leave my Trem dipping into the body as I reduce string tension... it is a balancing act. So I usually just pull the bridge back down just a bit.)

I think that might be where I’m doing something wrong. But I don’t know how else to approach it. If I just keep trying to get it in tune without trying to keep my bridge level, eventually my action would be sky high and the Trem would be pulled way away from the body.

I just can’t seem to get the bridge level AND have it be properly tuned.

Actually there have been a few times where I get the bridge level, and the guitar is in RELATIVE tune. Meaning each string is tuned correctly in relation to each other, but a tuner reveals that each string is -10 ct or so. So it’s in tune, but then my bass player would have to tune down to be in tune with me. Which.. I guess works.. but I like to add piano to some recordings. And I can’t add a piano that’s perfectly tuned to +/- 0 ct, if the rest of the instruments have to be tuned flat.

I don’t know if that last part makes sense.

But it’s occurred to me, that it seems that perfect zero balance for my guitar does not equal a perfect ‘C’ tuning. Almost like the guitar WANTS to be tuned 15ct or so flat. Does that make sense? As if the guitar is naturally built to balance with a perfectly flat bridge, ONLY IF the strings are kept 15 ct flat. And tuning it to proper pitch forces the bridge out of balance.

That’s nonsense of course. There’s no way that’s the case. But that’s what it seems to want to do.

Once again that’s probably me making it do that. But somewhere in my steps I’m getting something wrong then.

And please don’t think I’m bashing the Jem. It is without a doubt the most addictive and well playing instrument I’ve ever used. When it’s set right, when it’s tuned properly, it is an AMAZING instrument. I just need to learn how to make it perfect all the time. It’s my favorite guitar but I’m forced to rarely use it for gigs or studio work because of this problem.

Sorry for the sharp retort, mucho. I’m just desperate to have this instrument perform as well as I KNOW it can.
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