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Re: Does anyone have any information on "Vintage" pickup used on the 1987 RG410/420/4

The IBZ pickups which featured prominently on 1985-86 guitars are indeed quite different from what came later –*they have three ceramic magnets and are epoxied into the plastic cover, kinda like an EMG. In terms of timbre, in my experience, pretty hot, fat and compressed. 12k resistance. The single coils were Super 7F, also ceramic (two small rail mags on either side of the steel slugs), 4k resistance.

Regarding the specs of the 1987 era V pups, I think both the neck and bridge hb have A5 mags, 10k and 15k resistance respectively, I remember reading this somewhere. The ones used in the RG550 were the V1/2 (the block lettering on the bobbin wasn't present in 1987, bridge pu sometimes had the sticker saying 'vintage' like on yours) and I think in the RG4x of that year, the bridge pu was the same as in the 550. Someone else who might know better may chime in!

In general, since 1987 was a transitional year for various specs and models, it's difficult to account for every guitar model, as the catalogues of that year don't give the full picture.

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