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NGD - Frankie EVH Replica

So I was one of those nostalgic fools who bought one of these when Eddie died, it wasn't due until 7th of December and then I got a tracking number yesterday.

It's a beautiful guitar but I've had a nightmare getting it set up. From replacing the cheese metal trem posts with Schaller ones, taking the neck off and replacing the factory shim to get the neck more tilted so I can have low action without the bridge rubbing the body and a still ongoing battle trying to keep the thing in tune without having to do a divebomb to zero every 45 seconds. Seriously considering setting it up like all my other Floyd guitars and just having it float, easy to keep it in tune that way.

The Basswood body is really on the soft side, even compared to Ibanez's. Thankfully the fretwork is beautiful and it sounds amazing, just getting it setup has been a pain, it seems absolutely zero time was budgeted for any kind of setup from the factory.
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