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Re: NGD - Frankie EVH Replica

Originally Posted by jono View Post
I’ve actually been looking up the EBMMs online as that’s what I think of with EVH. I saw that Peavey are reissuing the Wolfgang under the name HP2 and having them ghost built here in Europe!!


HNGD which is what I came here to post in the first place
I've never been huge on the Wolfgang really, and I've always loved Strats. I think maybe if the right Wolfgang type came along at the right price used maybe I'd consider it but they just don't get my juices flowing, maybe I need to play one to see if I like it. Not sure what are considered the best betweeen MM, Peavey and EVH but those early MM ones go for a lot.

Originally Posted by Formerly Given To Fly View Post
Sorry about the setup frustrations.
I ended up just setting it up to float, it stays in tune now. I lose use of the D-tuna this way but I just don't know how to get around the issue.
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