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Re: NGD - Frankie EVH Replica

Originally Posted by Designrol View Post
Congrats on your new purchase! I was thinking of ordering one myself just for sentimental reasons because of the passing of Eddie. I do have a Meanstreet Frankenstein that was built some years ago. The so-called dummy pickup on mine works by the volume knob which is a push/pull. I like that idea which makes it a little more versatile. It does look pretty killer but I'm not to happy with the neck. Maybe I just need to have it professionally setup, but I'd still like to have one of those Mexican Franky's. Have fun and long live EVH!!!
Great job on that frankie! Push-pull pot to wire up the neck pickup is a great idea, I might explore that in future. I'm also thinking about putting a Tremol-no on mine, since I had some setup issues I was able to overcome by having the trem to float, but I miss that backstop functionality to use the D-tuna. If I say one thing about the EVH MIM Frankie, the neck is amazing and the guitar really has a lovely tone. If you do get an EVH Frankie though, you should budget a pro setup if you're not able to do it yourself, I'm very comfortable building/modifying and setting up guitars and I had some headaches with this.

The biggest concern is that the bridge height has to exactly spot on, if it's too high you have high action and a leaning back bridge (which will cause issues with the Dtuna), but if it's too low it will gouge into the body when you use it and the margins are pretty narrow.
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