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They removed all the MIJ jem to force people into PIA

Think about it. It has to be the dumbest move in history. And of course, it was Steve Vai's idea. They discontinued all the $3000 MIJ jems and now the only way to get a new MIJ jem is to buy a $3500 flamboyant PIA model. Maybe you can get the $3000 discontinued one from some dealers who still have them but is over. The worst part, now that they are discontinued, they are going to be overpriced by all these people who think they own a 1960 strat lol

They kept all the premium jems and jem JR lol those guitars suck, the premium are overpriced for what they are. Some of them are $1600, made in Indonesia, and have a poor trem system.

but I guess that's how they make most of their money, is what the fans buy the most since they can't afford the MIJ ones.

The 30th anniversary maple ones are already $4000-5000 on ebay and reverb for the most part and these are only 3-year-old guitars.

and worse the people who buy into these prices, all they do is make things worse. They could price a new jem for $5000 and people will buy it.

Steve himself said in one of his livestreams that he could literally stop touring and making albums and do perfectly fine off the jem royalties, think about that
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