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Re: They removed all the MIJ jem to force people into PIA

The Indonesian 7V has the same bridge and same pickups as the Japanese, so what's stopping you?

And don't get me wrong I prefer the Jem to the PIA aesthetically, but with the PIA having stainless steel frets it's a big step up. I hope they do add another MIJ Jem, but if it doesn't have SS frets I won't even consider buying it at that price point. It seems they weren't selling many MIJ 7V's anymore, and it also seems the demand for the PIA is pretty high so from that point of view Ibanez made a good business choice. Now as for the 30th Anniversary 777 models, they are collectors editions and only a limited run, what do you expect?

I own a 777, I ordered it in early 2017 to avoid disappointment, but the price has only gone up about 300 from what I paid new, if you shop about. Hardly a big complaint for a low production collectors guitar.
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