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Re: They removed all the MIJ jem to force people into PIA

Originally Posted by jono View Post
I have to say the SS frets are the least of my interest. I can take them or leave them, with "normal" frets having done the job adequately for however many decades, I just don't get the sudden "need" of guitarists to have stainless steel frets...
If you saw the state on my Jem 777 frets already after 3 years, you'd get it. They are all flat topped and I have divets in several places. The frets aren't large to begin with so I'm reluctant to do a levelling yet and after one levelling the next step is probably a refret, I feel pretty down about it actually. Once I took delivery of my SS fret Suhr and had my 7V repaired and refretted with SS I can't go back, at least not if I'm paying big money for a guitar. The difference is with SS frets I can play my guitar all day every day and not have to worry about fret levels or refrets.

I play my guitars every day, often for several hours and pre Covid (and hopefully post Covid) made my living that way, so I do put a lot of mileage on them. Lately I tend to play my 777 less than I'd like, just to save the frets.

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