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Re: They removed all the MIJ jem to force people into PIA

Originally Posted by jono View Post
Ahh, see I donít make my living playing guitar and when I actually get the chance to play for an extended period of time, Iíll probably use 4 or 5 guitars for a half hour each.

Iíve been working from home since March and my music room is now my office, but I have a half dozen guitars out and grab whichever one takes my fancy when I have 10 minutes.

Iím not at the stage of, ďI broke a string, I need a new guitarĒ but itís nice to have options
Yeah I've actually bought 3 new guitars since the 30th 777 so I have a lot of freedom to switch now too. There was a period where I played it everyday at home and then the period where my 7V neck split in half last year and I swapped to the 30th as my gigging instrument, so it's had a pretty hard life for a 3 year old guitar. I did recently refret my 70s P-Bass and opted for nickel frets for the sake of originality, but I barely play that thing and it's more a family heirloom (my dads guitar he played during the late 70s and 80s). I just bought the EVH frankie which also has nickel frets, but I was able to set that aside as it's only about 1/3 of what I paid for the Suhr or the Jem 777.

I ever buy another guitar in that price range I just want the peace of mind that if I wanted play it for 5 hours a day I can do that without worrying about fret wear. For that reason the step they have made with the PIA is big for me, I just don't like the way it looks and that price hike is massive, it's competing with Custom Suhr's and other high end stuff. If the right one comes along though, I am susceptible to impulse buys.
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