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Pickups for an Ibanez 540r

Jesus, it has been several years since I visited this forum, let alone post here. Last post is from 2014!

In the time in between, I took a long break from playing consistently, maybe would do it a few times a year, just focused on other stuff. But during this pandemic, I slowly began to pick the guitar again, and a few weeks ago I got full into it as it's much easier to record for fun these days.

The long break also allowed me to mature some things in my head, which is the point of my post. I have an 88' Ibanez 540r HSS with a maple fretboard that I bought several years ago. Back then, I wanted to try out the Petrucci Crunch Lab, so along it I also installed a Chopper in the neck and a Fast Track 1 in the middle. It's a great setup for metal, but I've been playing a lot more of just classical rock, hard rock and blues as well as a lot of Joe Satriani, so the setup makes a little less sense. I've been going to my Saber when recording more these days as the Fred in the bridge position is a lot better for that stuff. I want to be able to record with the radius properly, so would like some input from you all.

I think I'll just drop in a Fred at the bridge, cause I really like the lead sound it produces as well as all the harmonics. What I'm looking for is some input in the middle and neck positions. The Fast Track 1 and Chopper are nice, but they are really more like full on humbuckers, meaning less treble and a lot of mids than a regular single coil. The Chopper specially. I want my neck position to be a bit more like a Strat sound. My initial thought is to drop another Fast Track 1 in the neck and see what happens. But, another issue I have is that the 540r isn't routed properly for Dimarzio single coils as they are very tall. The middle position specially is super close to the strings which I think is killing my sustain a bit. I still have the original pickups of the guitar here, so here are my ideas:

  • Drop the original single coils that came with her, alongside a Fred. Anyone able to tell me if the originals can get me that strat sound? It doesn't have to be perfect, just closer than what I have now.
  • Put the Fred and a Fast Track 1 to replaced the Chopper. This won't solve the sustain though
  • Try a different combo of single coils. Any suggestions? Remembering that ideally I need the shorter pickup heights like a Fender. I even thought of maybe getting a Fender set, but I don't think they do any hum cancelling singles, do they?
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