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Typically, I would expect a neck break to instantly knock a minimum of 30% off the used value of the guitar (and that's if its repaired exceptionally well). A bit of wear and tear is to be expected but I'd say the damage on this one is sadly a bit too extensive to be categorised as good condition, even for its age. Long story short, its not gonna be pulling top money. If the damage were restricted to either the neck or the body then you'd have people interested in whatever wasn't damaged, unfortunately the way it is will turn off a lot of collectors. I haven't been keeping up on 777vbk prices lately, but if you want a ball park figure then I'd take around 40% off the price of a great condition example and start from there.

That said, its a model in demand and if you find the right buyer that falls in love with it, it's something someone might pay a premium for. More and more old jems are getting hoarded into collections, never to see the light of day again (I can't wait till some of these guys get divorced and their ex wives start selling their collections for what they told them they paid!).

My advice, if you want to sell it then start high and keep dropping it till either someone buys it or you decide you'd rather keep it.

Just my two cents, there are people on here that know the jem market better than I do. I'm just going by usual used gear trends.

Best of luck!
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