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Does anyone here uses a tremolo stabilizer?

My Genesis stays in tune fine, but is not perfect, after a while it goes slightly out of tune like one hairline sharp or flat, maybe one or two strings, almost always the high ones, where bending happens the most, even so is a huge difference compared to guitars without locking tuners and cheap floyds that go out of tune daily, but I was expecting perfection, maybe my expectations were too high and I was expecting these systems to stay in tune forever.

I kept the guitar in perfect tune for like 2 weeks with regular playing and not using the bar at all. If I use the bar, it stays in tune, but not forever, so I usually dont use it much

The strings are not new, like 2 months old. I've checked the nut block, no ridges, the way the strings sit on it, I've checked the nut screw is tightened properly. The string lock screw is tightened well.

This is my first floyd trem type so me being inexperienced may also have to do with it.

I had it setup by a good tech. I don't think I have an issue with the knife edges or anything, otherwise, everything would go out of tune, but I'm going to take it to my tech again to have everything inspected again.

Technically, as long as you have a floating bridge, eventually, it will go out of tune, a good setup will alleviate this and make it very likely that the guitar returns to zero point, but a tremolo stabilizer, if installed correctly, will ensure it 100% that it returns to zero point.

Most people who have these installed, especially the ones with cheaper trem, claim it makes a big difference in tuning stability.

Steve Vai uses this Ibanez backstop, but apparently, has it set softly, even so, it still provides some tuning stability. They don't block the tremolo. He doesn't have the need to set it hard as he doesn't want bar limitation and he has the best tech in the world to setup his guitar before any playing anyway, he will always be in tune lol.

I have never played with a stabilizer so I don't know how it feels, I never use the bar much anyway, so I'd rather have better stability even if it means sacrificing some bar range

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