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Re: Does anyone here uses a tremolo stabilizer?

Originally Posted by JsXLine6 View Post
I went the route of the back stop, and 2 other similar trem stabilizers in the past and they ruined the feel of the floating bridge. Eventually I removed them and I'll never go back. I've learn that it's important to regularly lube the tremolo posts for the bridge so that it always returns to zero. The edge trem is probably the best floyd style trem you can buy. Recently a tech on here (Rich from mentioned that chap stick is actually great for this. I have used 3 in one oil, some guys use d'addarios friction remover. My last setup on my 1991 540r I used chap stick. Lubing those posts is essential to keeping it returning to zero. chap stick is nice because it lingers a long time. Oils over time seem to just... stop working. It seems like I was lubing the posts on my gotoh floyd fairly often... I still need to chap stick that one lol. But give that a try it should solve your issue.
but to do that i would have to remove the whole bridge, right? basically, ruining whatever setup was done by my tech? i dont know but im going to ask him to lube them

but chapstick has oil too, I dont see whats the difference maybe cause is thicker?

i dont use the tremolo much if at all, yes they affect the feel of trem cause they make it work like a fixed bridge but the stabilizer moves, you can still use the bar depending on how you set it

look at Vai, he has the backstop on all his guitars and he can whammy like crazy but he has it set soft, that's why and i think he has them because he places his hand on the bridge, i play the same way he does, hand on bridge and fist closed or slightly closed
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