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Vai uses the back stop more for stability with double stop bends. Joe satriani doesn't use it at all. When you bend any string the others will go slightly out of tune, a back stop greatly improves this issue.

But to do this you don't have to ruin your setup, all you need to do is remove one trem spring at a time so the trem can pop off, then put the chap stick on, reinsert the springs and you're back where you were. As long as you keep your nut clamped you're golden. Those back stops are tough to find... And expensive. They average around $200. Believe me they're not necessary. Vai was the reason I bought mine too. I saw a video of him and a rig rundown... He talked about the backstop and my eyes bugged. I had to have one. If you arrange your 3 springs in an arrow shaped pattern or just use 4 your double stop bends improve a hell of a lot, and so does the stability when palm muting.

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