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How easily can the knife edges on the Original Edge wear out?

sI read you can't buy the plate, I haven't found it online, so if your knife edges are worn and you have an original edge, you'll have to buy a new trem. People say you can't file them either cause then it needs to be hardened and they won't be the same as before.

I mean seriously, hundreds of dollars for a part, shouldn't this be made of diamond or something more long-lasting than metal? doesn't matter if is hardened, it wears out

My tech said that metal parts don't wear out and that lots of bad opinion on the internet, if that's the case, how come so many people post about worn knife edges?

I have the original edge, supposedly the best trem

These systems are nice and all for the tuning stability and whammy bar use, but they're such a pain in the ass, so many parts that can go wrong. All the stuff you have to do to set it up, change strings, etc etc and they can still have all kinds of problems with tuning for any small reasons, this or that, is just

Imo the Floyds are a failed by design that depends on too many parts to work correctly for the whole system to work good. So many things can go wrong and all for what, to wank with the bar a few times here and there like the wankers from the 80s

A $300 tremolo that depends on the edge of a very small area of it of half an inch to stay in tune, is bad design, is just a metal part that wears out

Of course, they all designed like this they want you to buy more parts, new trems or new guitars.

You can't buy the original edge trem from anywhere except Rich and used ones on ebay or reverb. They want you to buy a new guitar.

So much crap and for what, to wank the bar now and then.

You can install or buy a guitar with one of those Evertune bridges, superior technology and it will stay in tune forever.

That's the future of guitar, that's how all guitar should be, in this day and age, you can't still be making instruments that go out of tune

that's what classicals are like, always out of tune, because is outdated technology

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