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Originally Posted by FireEagle View Post
Buy solid bridge guitars and Whammy pedal?

Truth be told, my Edge equipped guitars stay in tune better than any with solid bridges. Even the old '76 Les Paul! It's a bit of give and take... Takes a bit longer to tune, but once you do they stay in tune for weeks or months. Small price to pay for super epic dive bombs every now and then... \m/ [IMG class=inlineimg][/IMG] \m/
I have an Edge AND a Whammy pedal...
Whammy IV has a great glitchy octave mode paired with an over the top fuzz and you're in psychedelic rock heaven!

Once you're into Jems etc it's clear that less is not more. More = more.

I'll have none of that understated tasteful telecaster wielding nonsense round here thank you very much!

(Note: bad attempt at humour, I used to own a MIJ Tele and it was also great. Only sold it 'cause I was poor)
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