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Re: How easily can the knife edges on the Original Edge wear out?

I've seen wear on studs but so little real wear on knives yet hear so much about it. Somebody posted a picture a couple months ago and we all said, damn, yea, that's wear.

The knife edges were meant to be replaced in the old pre 87 Edge. They would almost fall out if you grabbed them, which was a problem so they put a deep detent in them and then, they weren't replaceable [as far as japan is concerned, just like the arm holder on an edge is replaceable, they have never considered the edge zero holder replaceable because they use so much locktite on it]

I found some of the ancient knives in Australia and bought them and sold out with people that were buying "just in case", not because they needed them. The knife edges can be pulled but average Joe isn't going to do it, half these guys take their guitars to a tech to adjust the truss rod. You'd have to use a Dremel cutoff wheel to cut a deep enough slot in it to start working it out with a screwdriver, and trust me, it's not easy. I have successfully removed some with cutting pliers on UVRE's to be able to move the bridge to make the guitars playable, but maybe 1 in 3 would get enough bite to pull. Then I'd have to go thru new bridges to find one I could pull and swap out the bridges, because I still had to put the original knife back in.

I have ZERO complaint they don't sell knife edges, I always had a problem that they wouldn't sell the baseplate with the knives for replacement, you had to buy a new bridge. But as I said, I've seen so few that warranted replacing that I see why they don't, but not really. They'd sell alot of baseplates that people don't need but they've never had a problem selling you parts you don't need if you want to buy them. Now strip a baseplate on an Edge Zero or ZR and you have every right to complain.....
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