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Re: How easily can the knife edges on the Original Edge wear out?

Originally Posted by Fowleri View Post
people say that's like the biggest myth that exists, when you use the trem bar, probably getting more use than one little height adjustment would do

no guitar tech is gonna bother releasing tension of the springs or strings to lower the action lol maybe on the cheaper trem it could cause damage, they just adjust it as it is

i really dont see any tech doing this
Well, opinions vary, but maybe you need better techs. And, techs are one thing while average guitar players are another. One adjustment, as you say, is likely fine. But I know guys that are constantly fussing and adjusting. FWIW, I have been setting up guitars since before the first Floyd Rose was invented and have owned probably 70 guitars with locking trems, including around 50 Ibanez models. I've also done tech work for a music store and toured as a guitar tech out of Nashville. Not saying my word is better than anyone else. Just suggesting that maybe its a s good as anyone else.
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