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What will be the Jem 35th anniversary?

I give up on trying to buy these 30th jems. It's impossible to find under $5000 and no website has it only at all except these people who just want 5k, no wonder they sit on reverb and ebay for months. I searched the interwebs constantly, I can't find anything.

This isn't even an old relic guitar and these people want 5k, is a reissue

I'm even seeing these people trying to sell the 2018 Genesis for over 1k lol when you can buy a new for that

I bought my Genesis for $650 barely used, yet that price is nowhere to be found now on ebay and reverb, they all want $850-900 for a used and it's only been a year since I bought this guitar and isn't even discontinued. One year ago you could easily find one used for $700-750

I'm already seeing the discontinued white jems being overpriced on ebay and reverb

You go to ibanezrules and he has all these "used guitars" yet everything is sold, why keep that in there wasting people's time if everything is sold out

My only option now is to wait for another reissue or wait for an anniversary, but now they have discontinued the Jem

What could they even release in 2022. They killed the Jem and only have PIA.

Unfortunately, back in 2017, I did not have the means to pay $3500 even though I wanted one when I saw it, but im not about pay over 5 grand for a 2017 guitar

This pandemic proved how much Steve profits from all the people buying the jems, dude is not even touring or selling a new album and probably still making a lot of money from them.

Probably the worst time in life to buy a jem, they're all discontinued now, going up in prices the more years pass, back in the day you could get one much cheaper, the rise of the internet and sites like reverb all it did is ruin the hobby for all of us. Now that the MIJ jem is discontinued for good, they will only go up, don't be surprised to see white jems going for 5k in a not so far distant future.

They will only release a jem during the anniversaries and they will be limited editions, which again, increase the price of them.

I remember seeing these DNAs used for $3500 back in the day, not even that far back, like 2007-2008 and now they want 15k for one

Ibanez doesn't care if you can't afford a PIA or a new MIJ jem because they make their profits from the jr and premiums. The PIA is just the GTR of Nissan, only there for people who want to pay for it.

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