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Re: What will be the Jem 35th anniversary?

Originally Posted by Fowleri View Post
You go to ibanezrules and he has all these "used guitars" yet everything is sold, why keep that in there wasting people's time if everything is sold out
The used market has changed so much it would take pages to explain it, but nobody offers trade in's and rarely do they want to sell direct. Everything for sale online is usually over retail price with offers taken which makes it hard to buy anything that would be worth listing to sell, as you are complaining about in this thread, unless you thought there was some magic secret place dealers could just go pickup inventory with margin, we do, but they're New. And when I do buy something used, like an S3040 I've had, I just keep forgetting to list it, or I'm too tired from the workload to care. So that page becomes a page full of second stock guitars all easy to find in one spot, and since they are not considered New by Ibanez, it's where they belong.
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