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Re: What will be the Jem 35th anniversary?

Originally Posted by Fowleri View Post
the 7vwh original price was $3000 for years, I'm already seeing people asking $3500-4000 for this very same guitar, it just comes with any guitar that becomes discontinued

I want the Jem 777 for collectivity reasons, I wouldn't even play it.

I could ask you also, why did you buy one? You also fell for the collection limited urge, my guy
I bought a 777 because I wanted one, I've played the **** out of my 777 live and at home and it's not even in good condition anymore, it has damage. I would never buy a guitar to have it sit there, same goes for my Custom Suhr (which cost more than the 777), I bought it to play live. Buying a guitar as an investment is a risk and rarely worth it, plenty of people do that but there are better ways to spend your money.

I didn't fall for any collector limited urge, I bought a guitar I wanted to play and I bought it brand new.
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