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Re: Does anyone here uses a tremolo stabilizer?

The Hipshot and the Backstop won't do anything for the double bending unless they are set up in a certain way and that is by increasing the tension of the strings and having the Hipshot or Backstop with enough tension on their springs to match the force created by the guitar springs. That's how you achieve zero point.

However, in doing so, the trem becomes much stiffer and you loose the ability to flutter.

Steve Vai said a few years ago that he uses the backstop for two reasons:

to avoid the little vibration that can happen when strumming;

to help him raise the guitar with his Whammy bar! (main reason why he uses them!)

The trem setter works much better for the double bending and for a Drop D. But of course, the trem will be harder again and won't flutter.

Hope this helps
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