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Rich, is the Genesis is truly a prestige?


People often say that the Genesis is not truly a prestige because it doesn't have the "prestige fret treatment", but based on your writings, even the RGs named prestige with maple fretboards do not have the prestige fret treatment seen in rosewood, despite having it included in the description.

Here is an example

As you can see the maple board Prestige models do not have the "Prestige" fret end and fretboard edge finishing, this now evidently factory standard, as maple fretboard models have been for many year.
So, if the "real" maple Prestiges that have "Prestige" on the headstock, don't have the fret treatment, why should the Genesis be any different?

Here's a maple Prestige with no fret treatment

but even the RG550 dx with rosewood doesn't have the treatment, it wasn't going to have it anyway. Yet, why are all current maple Prestiges, not having the treatment? And what's so special about this. It's just cosmetic and can this be done by the average joe?

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