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I'm honestly starting to get tired of these Floyd systems

Ever since I bought this guitar, I had nothing but bad experiences with these systems.

I took the guitar to two techs for setup, it was all done wrong, the bridge too forward, are these techs so stupid that they don't even know how to set these systems properly? and they supposedly have decades of experience and I'm sure the guy lowered my action without even releasing tension off the strings.

This tech lowered the action, and somehow put the bridge too forward, probably to "remove" buzzing that happened by him lowering the action.

Despite the bridge being that forward, my guitar was in tune fine, it would return to zero point. I followed the advice to adjust the bridge angle, and it threw everything off.

It lowered the action, creating some buzzing, which I kinda expected. I raised the action a little and repeated the process of lowering the angle. I got it somewhat lowered but not fully parallel, but no buzzing this time, but now my action is a bit lower than before I did all this. Maybe 2mm on low E and 1.5 on high E. Before it was 2.5mm and 2.0

but now the guitar is having a hard time staying in tune, maybe because of all the adjusting

I detune the guitar before raising the action and lowering the angle accordingly, so I don't think anything bad happened to the edges.

I paid for these two techs I still don't have a good setup guitar. This is nonsense. There is another tech with more experience with these systems, but one hour away, now I have no choice but to go to him and pay AGAIN for another setup.

I'm getting tired of this. Maybe I should've bought an Evertune guitar and not have to deal with any of this nonsense.
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