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I just feel frustrated. I read and watched every video possible. Yes I read his website. Its too difficult, not the adjustments but knowing how to Do it right. Its a balance and i cant find it.

I adjusted the angle and action a few times and i still cant get a good setup now the guitar cant stay in tune like before when the bridge was forward

At least it kept in tune before.

I dont have the skills to set it right. If these techs who supposedly have decades of experience cant do it right how am i supposed to get it properly setup?

And even if i get a good setup when it comes time to change strings im afraid it would undo the setup even if i use the same string, same size

Im seriously considering buying an Evertune guitar and forget about all these whammy bar stuff.

I already paid for 2 setups before and I still don’t have a properly setup guitar. Now I’ll have to pay again and I’ll probably wont touch anything at all after that.

If I buy the evertune, I’ll probably keep this one anyway. Im pretty sure I’ll play the evertune guitar more. I rarely use the whammy bar.

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