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are these techs so stupid that they don't even know how to set these systems properly?.
I can’t speak on the techs. However, calling someone stupid for allegedly not doing a job properly that you yourself are unable to do speaks volumes.
The difference is that I’m a beginner when it comes to these systems. These are techs who have many years if experience and I paid one of them $75 for a setup.

And he didn’t even set it up right. The bridge angled all forward.

Now I’ll have to pay someone else to possibly set it up right and I’ll have to drive one hour to his shop and back and do the same thing again to pick up my guitar.

These systems unless youre very experienced are more trouble and a nuisance that if even techs who have years of experience can set one right how is the average joe supposed to do it? Let alone a beginner to these systems

And anything can throw off that setup to the trash, even just changing the strings could change an expensive setup

It aint worth and for what to use the bar a few times on a solo? Look at the evertune, thing never goes out of tune.

Maybe i should just get that guitar bridge as a spare, Ill probably end up playing it more
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