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Re: I'm honestly starting to get tired of these Floyd systems

Originally Posted by Fowleri View Post
The difference is that Iím a beginner when it comes to these systems. These are techs who have many years if experience and I paid one of them $75 for a setup.

And he didnít even set it up right. The bridge angled all forward.

Now Iíll have to pay someone else to possibly set it up right and Iíll have to drive one hour to his shop and back and do the same thing again to pick up my guitar.

These systems unless youre very experienced are more trouble and a nuisance that if even techs who have years of experience can set one right how is the average joe supposed to do it?

And anything can throw off that setup to the trash, even just changing the strings
You don't "have to" do anything. There are a plethora of videos and instructional guidelines out there to where anyone can do it themselves.
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