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Re: I'm honestly starting to get tired of these Floyd systems

Originally Posted by Fowleri View Post
Last night I spent hours trying to set up the guitar right with the bridge as is supposed to be, by adjusting the angle and also the action. I did it as is supposed to be done and I still canít get it right.

I managed to lower the angle, then action was lowered. I raised the action and lowered the angle again. No more buzz but now the guitar wonít stay in tune like before.

I did all these adjustments without string tension.

Its too complicated because it has to be set right and any millimeters adjustments that is wrong will throw everything

I have no choice now but to go to this other tech one hours away from me and pay for another setup. Then ill buy an evertune guitar just to have something that actually works and doesnít need all this stuff to be done and anything can throw it off balance

Maybe I should just block the trem with a tremolono and never look back
Where are you located?
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