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Re: Ibanez Universe UV DNA Swirl (Sample Prototype)

When the neck was completed, I was in need of a neck plate and obviously, couldn`t find it anywhere in planet earth, so I decided to make my own plate.
Did the vector and asked Rodrigo “Ramme Customs” to build one from scratch, laser-cut.

The serial number is random, just a number I choose.
The results:

Raw material stainless steel

Cosmo Black layer.

The wiring diagram was very unique for this project, I had my tech @grinduniverse Marcelo Grind to help me on this.

The tone is a Misha Mansoor style, with push-push pot. The tone is OFF all the time, and you can use the tone only if the pot is pushed-up.

The volume knob also have a push-push, for a killswitch!
The 5-way switch is a Superswitch by Oak Grisby, a Switchcraft jack, and pots by Emerson. The wiring is as follows:

Position 1: bridge full humbucker
Position 2: bridge splitted + blaze middle for a tele sound
Position 3: bridge splitted + neck splitted - inner coils (John Petrucci clean tone)
Position 4: blaze middle + neck splitted for a strat twangy tone
Position 5: neck full humbucker creamy yummy

To finish the project I was looking to buy an appropriate Ibanez case with pink logo.
After years i`ve bough one and paid a lot of money for that lol.


Thank you for reading this book/bible. Hope you like it.
The guitar sounds HUGE and amazing, couldn`t choose better pickups: the Illuminators are BRUTAL sound! I was a ToneZone7 – AirNorton7 guy, have EVO7 and Blazes on other guitars, but the Illuminators are THA BOMB!!!
Happy new year to everyone!
Cheers from São Paulo, BR
Will Tubarão.
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