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Ibanez 2021 Range

As it's past midnight in Japan already, Ibanez seem to have updated their website which now sports the new lineup of gear for the new year.

My initial impressions:

Obviously, owing to the situation we're all in, it's all smaller-scale than it might've been. There seem to be heaps of basses though.

Some of the colours being offered are pretty nice, like the trans purple 6 and 7 string RG, flip-flop Axion RG, and the black RGD with the bursted bevel. Kinda dig the HSS mahogany RG too (in spite of the EMGs), has a strong Reb Beach vibe.

For me, the most interesting thing is the 7 string AZs (Prestige only). I think there's been a long-empty niche in the market for a 7 string with a non-locking trem, passive moderate output pups (incl. single coils). Till now, the only company I've been aware of that offered something like this as part of their regular range is Vola and ESP. But c'mon, Ibanez, black only for the HSS model? I know 7s never sell in the same volumes as 6s, but I think it's nice to see this option. I guess Ibanez is looking to the newer crops of players who play proggy/melodic/chordal type stuff who might want to venture beyond a 6.

What do you folks think of the offerings?
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