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Re: Ibanez 2021 Range

Originally Posted by Ashurbanipal View Post
Yeah. When I saw that one my fist thought was they should've done black/red pinstripe binding, like on some of the old Roadstars.

I can’t help but think that the red binding would make it look like some early 2000s Schecter Nu Metal machine.

I was hoping for a Prestige RG570 with a modern twist, but Ibanez have just gone a step too far in the wrong direction again.

The $2000 Koa Premium is where it’s at this year, simply because they’ve got all of the features we like (Edge trem, good pickups and nowadays, fancy name-brand frets!!!) but nothing extraneous to spoil the show.

All the stuff we like, with none of the stuff we don’t. It’s a simple, winning formula.

Steve Vai could learn a thing or two from that magic spell
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