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Re: Have the Various Colours on the Pia been discontinued?

Originally Posted by jono View Post
Ibanez, like all the other major brands have people whose job it is to work out what sells. If Steve Vai and the commercial guys at Ibanez think white as the only colour option this year is the way to go, then they’re probably right.

goes to show that having a job title doesn't always mean you know what you're doing. They don't listen to what the fans want. If a fan is shelling out almost 4k for guitar, I might as well the most flamboyant and eye-catching I can get. Why would anyone buy the white one, most boring color ever, another white jem out of the millions that exist out there already.

Most people who bought these new PIAs, bought the non white colors. Steve himself mostly plays the green or pink one in videos lol

They always do this, discontinued the fun and colors that most people and leave the boring white one
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