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Re: Have the Various Colours on the Pia been discontinued?

The trouble is that listening to claims of ‘what the fans want’ from Internet forums is like listening to politicians on Twitter, you get a very skewed understanding of the situation.

The white JEM sold as a Japanese model, largely unchanged for over 25 years, if it didn’t shift enough units to make production worthwhile they’d have canned it sooner. The PIA is available in white because a) Steve likes it and b) Ibanez think it will sell in large enough numbers to make it worthwhile, based on the concrete information they have on what sells where and how many over the last however many years.

Whilst the Green PIA is arguably the best looking. There’s also 35 years of nostalgia for Vai playing a green guitar with a black scratch plate. Limiting the numbers just makes sure that they will sell every single one of the guitars they make.

If the white one doesn’t sell, they’ll change it, but the change will be based on numbers not hearsay.
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