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Natural wood finish lightweight locking trem Ibanez models?

Does anyone know of some sort of shortlist of Ibanez guitars, that have locking trems which are "good" and not "avoid" quality (I understand the avoidables to be the edge 3 and the edge 2) and have a natural wood finish to them, and are $800-1000 used, or less?

I'm new, Hi there, and I'm here because the Canadian Guitar forum doesn't have a lot of locking trem players. Someone directed me here because I have to replace my PRS SE custom 24, awesome guitar but, despite good posture and a thick padded aircell strap, shoulder pain after 15 minutes of stand-up playing.

Looking for a comparable guitar in terms of quality, with a natural wood finish.

I was told to seek out 90s S series Ibanez and look at deals on Prestige models over Kijiji. I have those on search alert, and they don't seem to be turning up much in the way of gear that has natural finishes. I'm open to suggestions, thanks in advance, and if I end up actually buying an Ibanez then I expect to be here more often. It would be the #2 guitar for me for now, but I'm a Van Halen fan.
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