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Re: Red bishop - magik arm for trem

I have no interest or need to practice bushing maintenance and upkeep since I've upgraded to better arms, once again IMO, which simply means, "In my opinion".

I get it, I'm a huge Ibanez fanboy like everyone here, but the fact that you are blaming the consumer for not knowing how to "keep bushings tight" rather than simply admit that their are much better solutions is a bit silly. I don't think a tremolo arm should require maintenance and upkeep, call me crazy. And I do not find any benefit at all in feel or convenience to justify the bushings for myself. Unless I want to keep everything 100% stock.

Also, touring musicians probably have a tech, or a giant bag of bushing from Hoshino. I'm a normal guy, I don't have those luxuries and rather just fix what is a problem to me with a simple $30 one time solution rather than buy bushings or torch them or use teflon or whatever for the rest of my life. But hey, others are free to remain slave to the bushings and I'm sure you have plenty in stock for them to purchase. They'll certainly need them.
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