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Generally speaking, if it has an Edge or Lo Pro youre good to go.

As far as a "short list" with features you want, this is pretty simple, check out 540S and RG570, the 540S has a natural oil finish one and a stained oil finish one; some have maple fretboards, others have rosewood. Personally, I think the maple looks out of place on these. The 570 has a number of various models, and frankly difficult to just give you model specific examples; but one example for sure would be RG570MH. I quite like those. There are also some japanese and european specific models, but they are more or less just variants of the rg570. (i.e. rg580, rg670, etc). One model to be careful of is the s470. Some are korean made with lower quality bits (still a decent guitar), and some are MIJ with proper edge trem and the lot. Id ask if youre not sure.

Good news though, if you shop smart, you can get BOTH of those for your "800-1000$" budget lol.
I have since widened my search to include guitars with rosewood or ebony fretboards as well as maple, so some other brands have been included since I believe Jackson made an okoume DK3 which weighed in at 7.3 pounds or so. I did recently purchase a 2019 Ibanez S670 in sapphire blue burst brand new out of a store because I thought it was too good a deal at 500 CAD all-in , and I like the guitar and the weight. It's taken some getting used to with not hitting the pickups with my guitar pick and being more judicious to avoid hitting the volume knob on strumming, but so far so great.

As I am located in Toronto, pickings have been unusually slim lately online regarding buying Floyd rose guitars at the prices you mentioned, though I do agree that these are the "acceptable" prices for them and I will remain patient to find them. I don't mind the sapphire blue and it looks great when I do videos of myself playing, but I'm still stuck on natural oil finish.

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... the 540S has a natural oil finish one and a stained oil finish one; some have maple fretboards, others have rosewood.
Yes, the early 90s 540S in OL (oiled finish), or also called NOL (natural oil finish), comes to mind. Here's an old Reverb listing for a 1993 one:

Of course, they had Wizard necks which will feel very different than your PRS, but I like 'em!
Thanks, just bought an Ibanez s670 in sapphire blue because it was 500 CAD new, and I'm a fan of their necks. Different for sure, but definitely playable and I'm not currently too particular about what I play. I'm still looking for my well-priced natural oil finish white whale though, we'll see ...
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