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Originally Posted by Ashurbanipal View Post
Hmm, a couple of examples come to mind, but they don't totally have the full suite of specs you're after.

Kinda rare but the SV guitars from the 90s might be also worth looking at, these have slightly bigger necks and rounder fretboard radii. The main model was the SV470, which came with an oil finish option. Has a non-locking trem, however. Seen them in the $500-1000 range.

There have been RGs with oil finished bodies over the years, but they're bigger guitars, so would be heavier on average, probably not what you're after. Some rather sweet ones were reissued as part of the Genesis range some years ago, available with an ash or mahogany body.

If you're looking at other brands, maybe Charvel might be another option. The 2021 DK Pro Mod comes in what looks like an oil finished mahogany body, Seymour Duncans, but non-locking whammy. Then there's the very black San Dimas ones with a thin, open pore finish. Some of those have Floyds.

No idea what Schecter has going this year. Their range is usually quite big, so might be worth looking at to see whether they have something.
Out here in Canada, I found these:

This guy said the guitars are made in Japan. In this forum's experience, would 900-950 Canadian be "a great deal" for these? He's saying the ones that sold on Kijiji for less were likely made in Indonesia, but I'm not so sure his are worth that much. Also, someone in another forum mentioned that's not the original trem that came with that guitar. How would I be able to tell?
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