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Re: Natural wood finish lightweight locking trem Ibanez models?

Hmm, let's see. The red one seems to be a bona fide 1994 model, and looks stock apart from what I assume is a roller nut. These were the base Japanese models at the time, bearing a Lo-TRS I trem, which, though not as good as an Edge/Lo Pro, still better than the Korean TRS II.

The burl top one is a parts guitar *has a 2001 neck from some S model (maybe a 520, which came with the squiggly inlays and embossed logo), while the body is 2003/later because of the ZR trem. Can't tell if the body is Japan, though does have the S1 single coil which is a MIJ thing but the humbuckers look like MIK Powersound type with double rows of chrome plated slugs (they're not V1/2, which have black poles), which were on 370 and lower end models in the later 90s/early 00s. Looking more closely, trem seems a bit janked, like it has popped off the roller bearings on the bass side and the person has locked it in place using the ZR system at the back.

In conclusion, the red one is a better bet and ok priced, could be a tad less maybe, I'm not well informed about Canadian market value for these things. I've seen the same model with Lo Pro go for less, but in EU/US.
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