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Re: Natural wood finish lightweight locking trem Ibanez models?

That red one is a 1994 S470. It is indeed made in japan, but unfortunately; that year they swapped to the lo-trs tremolo. As Ashurb alluded to, the lo-trs is an all around "fine" tremolo, but certainly not on par with an edge or lo pro. I am quite unsure what that nut is, nor why you would put that on a floyd rose system to begin with (maybe the trem is blocked/locked; which would make sense there). Fairly good shape; but... even if it that price was cut in half, it would still be over priced. Definitely a "hard pass" here.

The poplar one is a parts guitar. The body is an S670 as you sorted; and the neck is a 2001 s520 neck. This is a made in japan neck and would be quite nice. That has to be an s670 body; because the s770 features a 24 fret neck, and this thing would NEVER intonate if it were mated with that neck. The tuners are swapped from the stock gotoh's to cheap wilkinson tuners... couldnt tell you why. Not likely an issue though. The "weird" thing is it appears the nut is glued in; because it has no bolts holding it on lol. That said, yet again, its horribly over priced lol.

So with those both being hard passes; I did go through your kijijijiwijiki thing; there are precisely no "good" deals for ibanez models aside from this random pro line thing, but thats not what youre after lol.

That said, these two are far and away better buys than the other 2; but they arent "natural" finishes either; and I would still regard them as being *slighty* (market is weird right now...) "over priced" honestly; but not outrageously so. Couple hours and a pack of sandpaper on a weekend would sort that (They are mahogany, and will look great without a finish, unlike many other guitars).

Both of these examples will be superior to getting a "new" indonesian guitar. Probably cheaper too by the looks of things.

ESP Horizon II is going to be ENORMOUSLY above your price limit, unless you found one for under then jump on that immediately haha. If it helps, sweetwater has listed their horizon ii fr at 8 pounds and 5 ounces (3.77kg). Not light, not heavy. What I would personally do, is use those two listings I showed you as leverage against each other. Basically message each of them, show the opposite listing and ask them to go down in price to make you jump on that one vs the other. They are identical quality. Oh, the white one has dimarzios. So if the person with the blue one thinks theirs is "better", casually slide that in that the other one has dimarzios and his has stock ibanez pickups . You might be surprised what kind of deal you could get out of that.
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