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Help me identify this RG

Just got this RG body from my local classifieds for a reasonable price (i think?) and the seller said it was a RG550 body.
My idea was to "upgrade" my RG450 with this body just because I prefer the upper neck access on the RG5xx's models compared to the 4xx's. I also prefer the barrel jack but that's minimal.

Problem is, this body has some features which I find very weird and I'd like someone's opinion if this really is an RG550 body or if it is something else.
- First is the jack. The RG5xx's I'v seen have the jack in a "normal" position on the lower side of the guitar, while this one has a "Jem-style" jack position.
- Second is the neck cutaway thing (don't know what to call it). All the RG5xx's I'v seen, including my RG560, start the cutaway at the top and it gets progressively deeper. On this one, the whole thing is cut deep from the top to bottom, very much like a Jackson.
- The finish, besides being in a really bad shape, is very thin. Very very thin. Both my RG450 and RG560 from this era have a thick finish.
- The tremolo plastic back plate doesnt fit, its slightly too big for this body.
- Lastly, the neck from my RG450 doesn't work with this body. It does fit, REALLY tight (too tight for my taste as I almost broke the wood trying to fit it in) but then the guitar is impossible to play because of very high action even with the tremolo posts all the way down. I had to make a 2mm wood piece to sit between the neck and the body just so I could have a 2mm'ish action, and it still isn't perfect. A previous owner could have sanded down the neck pocket tho, so take this point with a grain of salt.

Just as a note, the body is very light, especially compared to my RG450, but also compared to my RG560.

Here are some pictures:

Please help me identify this guitar body.
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