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Re: NGD - Frankie EVH Replica

Originally Posted by jono View Post
Iíve actually been looking up the EBMMs online as thatís what I think of with EVH. I saw that Peavey are reissuing the Wolfgang under the name HP2 and having them ghost built here in Europe!!


HNGD which is what I came here to post in the first place
I sold my EBMM EVH about 8 months ago.... Not to profiteer off my guitar hero's death, but watching that price jump on those really kinda slapped me down a little bit :-/

HP2's have been out for a while now; but I've found them to be more "beautiful" than "good". Hard to explain tbh.

Those striped series frankies are awesome looking, they certainly look the part; bummer to hear it was a pain to setup tho.
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