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Re: 24.75 super strat models

Originally Posted by bob493 View Post
no, this one is 24.75.
Ok, I was checking the same catalogue while people were posting in the thread in the meantime which affirms, ignore my initial post .

I've got the bolt-on model which is 25.5, and I don't remember people who own several commenting on the scale difference, never mind . I'd measure if I had the particular guitar!

So, to the OP, if you can find a PL2550, they're pretty nice (several forum bros have them, there's bit of a Proline clique going on). The model is neck through (5pc maple/walnut) with alder wings, top mounded Edge, and multiple pu switching. In this spec they were made in 1986 predominantly, with some production continuing in Japan only in 1987. Prices vary - there's a beat-up black one on Reverb at the moment for about $620, though someone seems to have swapped the original trem for a Lo-TRS . I've seen them in the $500-1000 range.

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