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Re: Natural wood finish lightweight locking trem Ibanez models?


The good -> For what youre looking for, this is a great guitar.... Its got an edge trem, dimarzio pickups, is quite a good looking axe.... BUT..

To "bad" ->
1) this is a parts guitar, more on that on the list
2) this is a refinished body, going to be an 89 or 90 body. The natural finished 540s' from the factory are not made with 3 pieces of wood. There are also some slight contour issues, but nothing that would stand out. Aside from lookin a little dry (a coat of oil probably wont hurt here), shes fine.
3) Missing the original neck plate. In no way does this impact function, but it should be noted the factory plates are quite expensive usually.
4) I can tell by the screws, that the 5 way switch is a replacement; probably an upgrade honestly, but not original.
5) replacement knobs and pickup ring
6) heres the big one... thats not a saber neck lol.... Thats a roadstar ii neck; but I'll explain...

So, in short, YES get the serial number; if it starts with F, Id HIGHLY recommend getting it. Those roadstar ii necks are FANTASTIC. I absolutely love mine. Its a bit more rounded, its extremely similar to a viper neck if you've played one. For me personally, its my favorite ibanez neck. If it DOESNT start with an F serial, probably pass honestly. At that price, especially comparing to everything else you have available, thats real good. But again, you could *probably* show him its not a 540s neck and talk him down lower. Theres only 1 issue with this; and thats 540s necks are way more expensive than roadstar necks. This can damage long term value, but its relatively cheap as it stands. Everything considered, again assuming its an F serial, this is probably a fantastic guitar. Edge trem and dimarzios, great neck, awesome body, not much to nag on really. Definitely play it a bit and see how it feels, but should be a quality guitar.

That particular neck came on a bunch of different models, but heres an example
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