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Re: Natural wood finish lightweight locking trem Ibanez models?

Looks nice! Straight up workhorse axe.

As said above, the neck appears to be a Roadstar one from 1987, with accompanying neck plate. Apart from the serial sticker, you can tell by the skunk stripe, small dot inlays, Floyd style locking nut + string retainer bar, and shape of the transition to headstock. These are C profile necks, oil finished, very comfortable indeed. I don't know whether they changed the dimensions in 1987, but in the previous year, you can look up the specs on Ibanez Wiki, it's under the Roadstar DX classification. I do think the neck on this Japanese as the MIK guitars had a normal nut with a lock system behind it, kinda like a Kahler (200 series); or just a normal nut on its own (100 series). No skunk stripe on MIK either.

When the Edge was introduced, the nut pads on Roadstars were a bit smaller than the nut, so when you'd clamp them down, they can sometimes turn and look wonky, which is annoying (early design flaw).

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