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I think she's just using a small file to take off enough of the ends to stop them from cutting into her hands, but I really don't know for sure how she's doing it.

It's not my guitar, and she got it really cheap so I don't even think she cares if she screws it up. :P (If she does screw it up I have dibs on the Evos. :P )

And like I said, she's a pro wood worker, you should see some of the amazing things she can do with a bit of wood.

She's doing it in her spare time at her shop, I most likely won't see the finished product for a long while, but I'll let you know how she does with it.

If it turns out good I may ask her to do mine, my 520 has a couple of sharp edges on the high E side of the fretboard, but as much as I'm playing it, they are already starting to round off anyway.

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