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umm "I eventually settle on the rg470" doesnt make sense when im talking about something that happened in the past, "I eventually settled on the rg470" does.. it was past tense, i got the guitar ages ago, settle is present tense... im not stupid and its only a word, Ive already passed english literature and language exams when i was at school 3 years ago, so im confident of what I write. Might not always be perfect, but if its readable, then thats all that matters, its only an internet forum after all..just too bad most ppl care about insignifcant grammar mistakes than the actual content...

Why do you try and twist everything i say? No offence, but id expect better from an admin. Where did i say that I was trying to convince people that the RG470 was the greatest guitar ever? I didnt say anything remotely along those lines.. I just said i like it and am pleased with it. Do you honestly think im going to preach about this guitar when im on a JEM site.. i mean lets see, the JEM series starts at over double the price of the RG470 (UK Prices), so most ppl will have JEMs here.. which are better.. why the hell am i gonna try and convince em that the RG is great when theyve got a better guitar? I dont care whether people have a better guitar or not... Now if you'll excuse the "dad" role with your "good advice", im sure you've got other things you could be getting on with..
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