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I think the neck angle is normal. My 2k2 470's neck is angled too. I've taken the neck off and remounted it, and it's still angled so it's not a lack of tightening on some bolts type issue. I assumed it was normal, because with floating trems, even recessed ones a bit of a neck angle can help with action sometimes. Hell some people will intentionally angle their neck if it wasn't supposed to be angled, so as long as your action is fine, dont worry about it.

Second of all, all humbuckers will wobble. The magnetic fields are big enough that it really doesnt matter and as long as it doesnt fall into the guitar or anything, you're fine.

Third of all, the TRS is hit or miss. Sometimes you get one that will work reasonably well, and sometimes you get a total POS like I did. I love my 470, but that TRS gave me so much grief I ended up ditching it and buying an aftermarket 10 year old Edge. The Edge rocks.

My posts are moving around(vertically actually...) and I plan to put real Edge posts in there pretty soon, but until then it's still not quite up to real Edge specs.

That said I still just cant justify spending $500 on a guitar at this point. Got the 470 for $300 new so it's not as bad as it sounds, but that damn TRS gave me so much hell. But I know where you're coming from. I mean we would all like to have our own $4,000 sigs to play all the time but you have to settle for something a bit less than that you know? My 470 is great.
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